Refueling Reinvented, Reimagined & Reborn

There’s no doubt customers have become accustomed to more robust interaction with fueling dispenser displays. But there’s nothing out there that comes close to the beauty, power, and flexibility of the DFS AnthemUX user experience platform.

27" High-Resolution Screen
for stunning ad space.

Super-Intuitive Functionality

makes the entire fueling process smoother.

Personalized Content

to reflect customers specific preferences.

Stereo Audio

to immerse your customers in the fueling experience.


The AnthemUX platform is the first to give customers the ability to

fine-tune their experience while also giving retailers the tools and data to maximize each customer interaction with keenlytargeted advertising and promotions. This integrated, inviting experience builds loyalty, increases sales, and adds immense value to both consumer and retailer alike.

Feel free to dispense with your existing dispenser


Dark Mode

Introducing Dark Mode on the Anthem UX platform. Safety is always at the forefront of our designs, and that is why the Anthem UX platform comes with the Dark Mode feature as a standard offering. It reduces nightime strain on the consumers eyes allowing for a clear and vivid transaction all the while not creating a blinding distraction for nightime drivers.