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Updated: Aug 28

In recent years, companies have had to make the decision between using in-house creative teams or partnering with an ad agency for their advertising and marketing needs. While there are certainly benefits to both approaches, there are a few key reasons why partnering with an ad agency can be the better option.

One of the primary advantages of an ad agency is the depth and breadth of insight they can offer. Agencies often have teams with diverse backgrounds and experience across a wide range of industries. This means they can bring a unique perspective and fresh ideas to a campaign, and have the expertise to understand the nuances of different markets and audiences. In contrast, in-house creative teams may have a more limited range of experience and may be more siloed in their thinking. This gap in industry exposure widens after every passing year.

Another advantage of ad agencies is the sheer amount of experience they have. Ad agencies have likely worked with a wide variety of clients and have honed their craft over many years — yes we have! This experience can be invaluable in helping a company create successful campaigns and navigate any challenges that may arise. In-house creative teams, on the other hand, may not have the same level of experience, especially if they are focused on a specific product or industry.

In addition to their expertise and experience, ad agencies also have access to a wide range of resources. They may have vetted partnerships with photographers, videographers, designers, and other professionals that can help bring a campaign to life. This can be especially useful for companies that don't have the budget or resources to build out a full in-house creative team.

Finally, partnering with an ad agency can also be more cost-effective in the long run. While it may seem more expensive upfront, ad agencies often have economies of scale and can offer better pricing on things like media buys and production. In-house creative teams, on the other hand, can be more expensive to maintain over time, especially if they are not fully utilized.

Overall, while there are certainly benefits to using an in-house creative team, partnering with an ad agency can offer a range of advantages, including insight across industries, experience, access to resources, and cost-effectiveness. As such, it's worth considering for any company looking to create successful marketing campaigns.

Agency Tip: ALWAYS ask for the source files of any campaigns made by an agency. This way you can rely on the agency for the heavy lifting and then use the in-house team to create the smaller supporting creative assets.

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