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Our Creative

Discover our best branding projects, including impactful rebrands and global brand expansions for leading companies, highlighting our innovative and strategic approach to brand elevation.

Red headphones on a red background in a stylish ad.

BOX Packaging Partners

Balihoo Productions executed a full-scale rebranding for Box Packaging Partners, transforming their fragmented and outdated brand presence into a sleek, modern identity. This strategic makeover not only clarified their messaging but also positioned them as the clear leader in the B2B sector, enhancing their national visibility and impact.

Dover Fueling Solutions

For 12 years, Balihoo Productions has elevated Dover Fueling Solutions' brand with a broad range of services, from basic branding elements to advanced digital marketing, including 3D renderings and augmented reality. This enduring collaboration underscores our commitment to quality and deep market insight, positioning Dover Fueling Solutions distinctively in their industry with impactful branding strategies.

A brochure cover for the new  DFS Anthem fuel dispenser.
A posctcard overlaid on top of an ad, both signifying ads for the C4L event for Trane

Trane Building Advantage

Balihoo Productions masterfully managed Trane Building Advantage's brand kickoff in Scottsdale, AZ, handling everything from setup to multimedia production. Our blend of digital and physical event expertise earned high praise from Trane's VP of Energy Services & Controls, who described the event as "Simply Awesome," showcasing Balihoo's ability to deliver impactful and seamless events.


Balihoo crafted a captivating animated video for T-Mobile's Hosted Mobility Management Services (HMMS), perfectly aligned with their brand style and voice. Designed for versatility, the video is tailored for social media snippets, showcasing Balihoo's ability to create engaging, brand-centric content ready for audience experience.

A man pulling down pink sunglasses so that he can see over them
A white trojan horse symbol on a red textured background

Trojan Battery Company

Balihoo revitalized the century-old Trojan Battery Company with a bold, unapologetic brand makeover, emphasizing its global presence across over 100 countries. We delivered a dynamic, universally recognized brand identity, highlighting Trojan's robust international market impact.

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